Meet the WIS Departments

WIS Ltd counts about 25 full-time employees and a number of regular freelancers. And we are constantly growing! Our people are the heart of the company. This is why we pride ourselves on employing a team of committed, hard-working people who also know how to have fun together! And this family-like atmosphere has certainly helped a lot towards WIS being the successful company that it is.

Here is a short introduction to our departments and some of the people who work here. We are always looking for top people who fit our company culture. Thus, our hiring process is geared towards finding new members who are interested in starting or growing their iGaming career in Malta.

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Affiliate / Sales

A lot of action happens in this department. Affiliates/Sales is where Oksana and Katrina build valuable contacts with other companies in the iGaming industry. Their main role is to develop new business relationships, and finalise new agreements. Thanks to these agreements, the WIS team helps our business partners attract traffic to their website and products.

WIS Departments

Product Management

Our team of Product Managers is currently made up of Dani, Denis, Mikolaj, Glenn and Mathias. And all of them live and breathe iGaming! Our PMs – as we like to call them – love their subject and this is how they  grow their product to new heights. Every one of them is responsible for one website, and their goal is to make it the best-performing site in its sector and to keep it there. This department has a crucial role and it is always growing. We are always on the lookout for the next Superman/Wonderwoman PM.

WIS Departments


This team is constantly generating content in order to generate new leads for our business partners. This makes it another super busy department. Camille, our Content Manager, liaises with the Product Managers to see what topics are trending. These topics are then assigned to the team of content writers according to the product they work on. WIS owns a good number of top-performing iGaming websites in English and German. As you can imagine, new content is constantly needed for our Casino and Sports products.

Our ever-growing team of full-time writers currently includes Adam, Ramona and Ralf. And we also work with a pool of freelance writers. All our writers are kept on their toes creating cool reading material. And, because quality is very important to us, the team includes Niclas working as content editor and Cristiana on quality assurance. The team continues to grow, so watch this space!

WIS Departments


WIS is a digital company which conducts all its business online. This makes Development the lifeline of the organisation from a technical point of view. This department is made up of the best tech whizzes in the industry. Thies is the team lead, while Matthew, Jere and Spiros all work together to make sure that everything proceeds smoothly. Our customers enjoy a smooth and fun experience navigating our websites thanks to the Development team. All the members work hard to keep the backend intuitive and easy-to-use for our Product Managers and Content Writers. And when we need a new tool created, these guys come in to save the day!

WIS Departments

UI Design

At WIS we pride ourselves on offering a superb experience to our readers. And, of course, this includes the right visuals to complement our content. The UI Design team is headed by Guillaume and is made up of Chanelle and Charles. These people make all the magic happen, making sure that our content looks as good as it is informative, entertaining and useful.

WIS Departments

Human Resources

Making sure that the right people join WIS is a crucial task. And it is a task that Evelyn and Ira take the utmost care to fulfil, overseeing a hiring process that is designed to source and secure the best people in their field. The Human Resources department identifies the needs of the company and is responsible for kickstarting the process that will see the best people join the team. And they also do a wonderful job to make sure that all employees are happy!

WIS Departments

Non-Operational Creatives

The Accounting, Product Acquisition and Admin departments are the ones who keep WIS running like a well-oiled, efficient machine. Magdalena, is our Aquisitions Associate, while Fernando takes care of the company accounts. And, finally, and our Office Manager Ilham oversees all the needs that crop up regularly. These are the people who make sure that WIS functions perfectly on a day-to-day basis.

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