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Icon Knowledgeable Nothing can substitute experience. WIS Affiliates, since 2005!
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We believe in people, values and results.

We believe in our talents. Working with a team of self-motivated people, empowered to take the initiative. We have obtained the art of thinking independently together. When we work together, everyone achieves more. Unity is a strength. Through teamwork and collaboration, we accomplish lovely things. We take challenges and are continually striving for improvement. Our exceptional team of in-house professionals is dedicated to excellence. We are committed to creating high performing products, publishing engaging content and user-friendly design. We do our best to achieve our goals by finding solutions to complex problems while remaining competitive in the fast developing markets.

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An interview with Tarik Ballouz, Chief Operating Officer at WIS, who explains how he started out in 2015 and grew with the company.

We constantly work on improvements both in our work and at our office. Here is a small list of the things which we are finding useful!

At WIS, we took expert advice to choose the lighting system that makes our team more comfortable, happier and yes - more productive, too!

WIS People Stories

I am Fernando, I am Maltese. I am the Accountant at WIS. It is my job to take care and run the accounting part of the company including debtor collecting, improving …

My name is Oksana, I am Russian with Mediterranean flavor. Sales and Affiliate Team Lead at WIS and I love my job. My role is a mix of relationship building, …

My name is Magdalena and I am an Acquisition Associate, here at WIS. My job on a day to day basis is quite diverse and this is one of the …

Some of our achievements

Puttinu Cares is an NGO on the island of Malta that supports children suffering from cancer. Puttinu comes into action when extra funds are needed if children and their family …

WIS is taking on the greener challenge. In a highly competitive industry, companies do not just need to be awesome places to work for, they also need to have a …

Another day another dollar and it’s morning in Sunny Malta. Move to the back please!! Says the bus driver. The sheeple aren't moving, however. A sad-faced Igaming professional is waiting …

We are proud to work with the best operators in the industry.


Where are we located?

We are based in Malta, the gem of the Mediterranean. Our office is situated in 53, Sir Adrian Dingli Street, Sliema.

WIS Sports

A Passion for Sports

In 2016 Web International Services became a sponsor in the international motor racing series Lamborghini Super Trofeo and currently supports the Ultimate Cup Series and European Le Mans Series (the world’s oldest active sports car race in endurance racing, since 1923) in the LMP3 class.

We care for the Community

Contributing to improving the health and quality of life of the people around us, is something meaningful to our company. Paul Scheuschner, Director of WIS, is also the founder of the German Neurodermatitis Foundation. The non-profit organisation is established with the goal to achieve results in finding a successful treatment for patients, suffering from atopic dermatitis.
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