The Daily Plan of a Casino Content Writer at WIS

Posted on 30/06/2022
Iggy Fenech Casino Writer

Iggy is our Casino Content Writer. We asked him to describe what his typical day is like at WIS!

08:50: With a freshly-brewed coffee in hand, I head to my desk and switch on my laptop.

09:00: My first task of the day is always to check my emails and reply to any messages my colleagues may have sent me. Following that, I double-check my calendar and to-do list for the day, which I like putting together the day before.

Iggy Fenech Casino Writer
Credit: Brian Grech

09:30: Given that there are no planned meetings, I get started with my writing. My tasks are assigned by the Content Strategists, so I read their instructions before I get cracking.

10:00: I begin every article by doing my research, a lot of which depends on the topic at hand. If it’s a game review, I try out the game. If it’s a review of Bitcoin casinos, I make sure to learn how Bitcoin works and what casinos that accept Bitcoin are like. This is honestly one of the best parts about this job, as I feel like I’m constantly learning and trying out something new!

10:30: I remember there’s a kitchen full of snacks, so… I can’t resist taking a small break. Fresh OJ, anyone?

11:00: With my research done and dusted and each section of my article now annotated, I begin writing. It’s amazing how much you can get done in an hour once you know exactly what you want to say and when there are no distractions…

12:00: But, hey, it’s time for lunch, and WIS has it delivered for us each day. I don’t even have to worry about meal prep the day before!

12:40: With a full tummy, I head back to my desk. I check my emails and messages once again.

13:00: It’s a Wednesday today, so I can take two hours out of my day for our Educational Sessions. I recently finished a course in Google Analytics, so this time, I want to focus on reading about the latest developments in the casino industry.

15:00: Is it 3 o’clock already? I think it’s time for another coffee and one of those chocolates a coworker brought over from her trip to Belgium…

15:15: I finalise the last bit of the article I'm working on. This includes proofreading and adding any necessary links. Once I’m happy with it, I upload it so the Content Strategist can give me their feedback.

16:15: With just one hour to go, I check my emails and messages one last time for the day.

16:50: Once that is done, I plan out the next day. To do this, I check my pending tasks and when they are due. I also look at my calendar to pencil in any meetings I may have for the next day.

17:25: With everything done, I switch off my laptop and head off home. Today I’ve decided to walk it to Sliema for some shopping, but I could have also used one of the electric scooters we have in the office.

Editor’s note: This is an individual approach and does not necessarily have to be the same for you. Our Writers work with KPIs and are free to decide how to achieve them according to their own preferences.

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