The daily plan of a Content Writer at WIS

Tim is our Sports Content Writer. We asked him to describe a typical day.

08:50: Headphones on, fresh coffee at my desk and my computer loaded up, I’m ready to start my day.

09:00: I begin firstly by checking the football results from the previous night and any sporting news that may be crucial for me to know about. I also begin checking some emails that may have come through and answering any messages from my colleagues.

09:30: I then begin checking which tasks need to be started or completed and organising my day accordingly.

10:00: Another re-fill of coffee and I begin my first content based task of the day which usually consists of an article based on a sports betting topic which is valuable for the reader.

10:30: This is also the time to begin any re-search for that specific topic that I’m writing about. This could be looking up competitors, reading through the FAQs on betting sites and contacting customer support sites for more information.

11:30: At this point my article is beginning to take shape, but I’m also aware that I have other tasks to do, so ideally, I would like to complete this by lunch time.

12:30: The article is complete, and I have sent it over to my Product Manager to take a look at and double check to see if anything needs changing. The article can take up most of the morning, but its key to make sure that you take your time with it, so the reader gets the most out of the information your provided them.

13:15: Wow! Now I’m full. As I slump down in my chair with a nice cold glass of water, this is where the fun part of the day begins, uploading and editing some content. I have a couple of Articles which I uploaded the day before which now need a makeover.

13:30: I begin by opening my word press and making sure I have all the tools and tabs open on my computer. I put on Oasis in my headphones (To save from distractions) and I begin. I usually start by adding the photos and screen shots that will be included in the article.

14:00: After collecting my photos and screen shots, I place them carefully into the article and double check that the quality is good and most importantly that it looks good on both mobile and desktop.

14:10: I now begin adding internal links on certain words that would lead the reader to the direction of other articles on your site. I also add some external links which send the readers to other websites that could be useful for them (Making sure these are not competitors).

15:00: So now I have my links and my photos, my article is starting to look a lot more appealing, however there is more to do. I now begin adding some designs, bullet points and special elements to the articles. This really adds colour and makes the article look more unique.

16:00: Beautiful! The articles looks wonderful and very refreshed. I finish off by adding some final touches such as CTA buttons to lead the readers to certain betting sites and bolding some words and headers.

16:30: One hour left to go, and for me this is one of the most important parts of the day. I quickly upload the articles I just edited and once that is up online on the website, I begin by planning my day for tomorrow. This is very important as not only does it make me more organised as a person, but also as a content writer.

17:00: Tomorrow’s day organised. Before I leave the office, I do one final check on any sports results that I may have missed during the day and any sporting news which may come in handy. This is not only a hobby for me but has become part of my daily routine. I am addicted to knowing what is going on in the sporting world, so the fact I am blessed to write about it, makes my job even more enjoyable.

17:25: The office hours are very flexible, meaning as my day is done and nothing more to work on or prepare till tomorrow, I’m able to begin my journey home on an electric scooter which the company provided me. Thanks a lot WIS!!!

Editor’s note: This is an individual approach and must not be the same for you. Our Writers work with KPIs and they are flexible to decide how they organize themselves in order to achieve them.

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