Our name, business purpose, topics and time on the market

Web International Services Ltd (in short: WIS) is a lead generation company operating within the iGaming and Finance sector, since 2012. We`ll take care that iGaming and financial brands will get new customers. You can read the history of the company here.

Our approach to be the best in the industry

Most of our competitors run the classic concept of fake operator reviews and rankings, dumping 1500 words on the pages, and positions in comparison lists are sold to the highest bidder. We accept only transparent, honest and the most in-depth content from our writers. The user always comes first! Only like this, we`ll create value.

Our products

You can see a few of our products here. We are currently operating in German and English speaking markets.

Growth & acquisitions

At the beginning of 2018 acquisitions took place in our workflow as part of our strategy to further strengthen and grow the company. We accomplished six acquisitions in diverse verticals, and currently working on the next ones.

Our company vision

Our vision is to create a transparent and safe gambling experience. We are promoting only brands with high standards towards the product, customer protection, and the best service. Otherwise, there is no way to get a good standing on our websites. This conduct should inspire other brands to put the customer first as well, and subsequently to get recognized on our pages. We know that customers are looking for recommendations, where to play. While we understand that we can`t create a transparent and safe gambling experience by ourselves, we do know that we have a great impact on customer decisions where to play, and we want to accomplish this duty.

Our company culture

Some internal elements are positivity and happiness, communication & collaboration, and growth, learning & self-improvement. Read our entire culture in this article.

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