The Complete Guide to iGaming Jobs in Malta

Posted on 28/12/2023

Spin the Reels and Land Your Dream!

Blue seas, sunny skies, and friendly people — what’s not to love? A tiny island situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta has fast become the mecca for iGaming jobs in Europe. Many in the industry now happily call it home, having been won over by the vibrant community, thriving economy, and, of course, the beautiful weather.

If all this sounds good to you, why not spread your wings and head on over to the Maltese shores? Read on to learn more about iGaming jobs in Malta and why this small European nation could very well be the next stepping stone in your career!

Why Malta?

Over the years and despite its size, Malta has become quite the cosmopolitan hub, welcoming eager job seekers from all over the world.

What Are the Best iGaming Jobs in Malta?

Good question! Few sectors are as dynamic and innovative as that of iGaming, with tons of job opportunities suited to all levels. While it’s true that many vacancies generally ask for past experience in the industry, you’ll find plenty of openings available to young graduates or those simply looking for a career change.

Let’s take a look below at the top positions you’re likely to come across.

Customer Support Agents

Many who are new to iGaming start off in customer service. It’s a terrific way to not only learn about the industry in general, but also about the userbase and what they’re looking for. Of course, it helps if you have great communication skills, a people-first attitude, an affinity for problem solving — and, if we’re honest, plenty of patience!

Content Writers

With the industry as competitive as it is, marketing in iGaming is the name of the game. Engaging and informative content is and has always been hugely in demand, with companies always looking for talented individuals to create compelling blog posts, promotional materials, product descriptions, and so on.

Live Dealers

Are you driven by a natural desire to entertain and have great communication skills? The iGaming industry is always looking for professional live dealers to host a range of games that are broadcast in real time to players at home. Bear in mind, however, that those with previous experience usually get first preference.

UX/UI Designers

Online casinos and gaming platforms need to ensure that their user interfaces are as appealing and easy to use as possible. That’s where user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers come in, using their creativity to enhance the platform's success in a highly competitive market.

Payment Specialists

It should go without saying that for a seamless customer experience, every gaming platform needs to make sure that the flow of funds between users and the platform works smoothly and without any hitches. Payment specialists manage the processing of transactions while proactively investigating and resolving any fraudulent behaviour.

Business Development Managers

All companies need to forge new alliances and diversify their revenue in order to grow, which is exactly what business development managers are tasked with. They scout out and secure new partnerships, while helping to broaden market presence and income sources.

Tech Roles

Arguably the most significant sector within the iGaming industry, there’s plenty to dig into here!

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Responsible for leading the way forward in all things IT, the CTO plays a vital role in any iGaming company.
  • Front-end developers: Through utilising programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, front-end developers maintain optimal performance and user-friendly interfaces.
  • DevOps engineers: From coding to security, this role requires a wide range of IT skills. DevOps teams are there to connect the programming side of a company with the daily operations, making sure software and hardware are working well across the whole organisation.
  • QA engineers: Before any products or software can be released to the market, QA engineers develop a series of testing plans to make sure everything performs as expected.

Compliance Officers

The iGaming world is heavily regulated to ensure a safe environment for both businesses and users. Because of this, top companies in the industry employ a knowledgeable compliance officer to ensure that all activities follow the necessary legal and industry rules.

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How To Get Started in iGaming in Malta

Now that you’ve got a broad idea of what the top jobs are, the question remaining is: do you have what it takes to succeed? Here’s a brief checklist:

  • Academic qualifications: Degrees in computer science, business, or marketing are highly sought-after for various iGaming roles.
  • Multilingual skills: Arts students take heart, however — so much of the industry operates within the realm of languages. Content writers and customer support agents possessing multilingual skills are in high demand too. Being fluent in many languages can also open doors to jobs in marketing and product management.
  • Certifications in technology and software: Be sure to highlight any skills you have related to SQL, Unity, or HTML5, as these are very often listed as desirables in iGaming tech roles.
  • Industry knowledge: Understanding the industry itself can be key to landing that dream job you’ve been eyeing, especially regarding aspects such as market trends, consumer behaviour, and the regulatory environment.

Need some help brushing up these skills? Here’s how you can gain an edge over other candidates:

  • Attend workshops and conferences: Fortunately, the industry holds plenty of these events the world over, providing vital networking opportunities and, of course, the chance to learn more about the latest developments in iGaming.
  • Look for specialised iGaming courses: Interested in sportsbook management? Game development? Compliance? A quick Google search will reveal a variety of useful webinars and courses related to all kinds of fields within the iGaming industry.
  • Put together a portfolio: Compile a collection of your previous work and projects to send along with your CV, especially if you’re applying for roles in design or game development. This can help showcase your talents.
  • Enhance your online presence: Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is fully updated with your latest work experience and qualifications and check out any industry-related platforms or forums.

Remote Work, Freelancing, & Contracting Opportunities

One of the biggest draws of the iGaming industry — especially among graduates and young professionals — is the unconventional work model adopted by many companies within this constantly evolving sector.

Looking to work from home or another country? Or perhaps you’re more suited to a freelancing gig for whatever reason, with the aim to transition to a full-time position sometime in the future. The good news is that iGaming is perfectly adapted to modern work preferences, providing a range of flexible work arrangements that cater to various lifestyles and career aspirations!

Remote & Freelance Work

The post-Covid19 world has seen a huge shift in attitude towards remote work, as numerous individuals have enjoyed the benefits of working from home, leading to a better work/life balance. This did not go unnoticed in the competitive landscape of iGaming, where employee retention and perks are a massive priority.

As a result, many leading names in the iGaming world are now embracing this change with open arms. They're offering an array of flexible working options, with the hybrid model currently reigning supreme. This approach not only reflects the industry's adaptability but also its commitment to providing a work environment that resonates with the modern workforce's evolving preferences.

This evolving work culture also signals a burgeoning trend towards freelancing. As companies vie for the upper hand, they'll find themselves needing a diverse range of skills, particularly during bustling seasons and crunch times when the demands soar beyond the reach of traditional full-time staff. This shift is not just about meeting deadlines; it's about embracing the 24/7 rhythm of global markets and the need for on-the-ground sales forces, making the work environment in iGaming more dynamic and adaptable than ever.


What is the difference between freelancing and contract work?

Well, for one thing, contract work is often more structured. Companies set specific work hours for contractors that they take on, as well as provide resources, or require the contractor to work from a certain location. In addition, contracts are generally for a longer term for a specific project or role.

On the other hand, freelancing offers more flexibility in terms of work hours and location. As a freelancer, you’ll manage your own schedule and usually work from wherever you prefer.

Of course, the downside of freelancing is that work can often be fleeting, and hours are not usually guaranteed. Along with this, you’ll need to handle your own business aspects, such as invoicing, tools, and client communication. However, all this can vary according to what conditions the company in question offers to their freelancers.

Having said all this, contracted roles in iGaming build lasting relationships, bridging the gap between temporary tasks and permanent commitment. As a contracted employee, you enjoy many of the fringe benefits that full-timers do, but with the added flexibility that today's workforce seeks.

Benefits for iGaming Employees in Malta

A collaborative fusion of offerings from both iGaming companies and the Maltese government has resulted in a dazzling array of perks for workers in the industry.

Picture this: 1-2 delectable free meals daily, alongside opportunities for education and training that fuel personal and professional growth. And it doesn’t stop there — many companies offer generous health and wellness packages, along with company trips and away days to add a dash of adventure and team bonding!

If you’re after a work culture that's refreshingly informal, inclusively vibrant, and bursting with team spirit, iGaming pretty much offers all this and more. Offices buzz with activities and social perks, fostering a community where everyone feels valued and connected.

Salary Expectations

Financially, the industry in Malta is soaring. Salary packages are generously above average, even for those just starting their careers, though naturally they vary widely based on the role and seniority.

According to a May 2023 report by recruitment company, TalentBet:

  • executive positions like CEOs and CFOs command high salaries, typically ranging from €125,000 to €175,000;
  • mid-level roles in human resources, finance, legal, and operations offer salaries between €30,000 to €85,000, depending on the specific position and experience required;
  • salary expectations for roles in technology, sales, and marketing, median salaries generally range from €30,000 for junior roles to around €90,000 for senior or specialised positions.

And the cherry on top? It's increasingly common for these roles to come with bonuses that sweeten the deal beyond the base salary.

iGaming Companies vs iGaming Affiliates

You may be wondering: what’s the difference between what we at WIS do and working at an iGaming company?

First off, working for an iGaming operator places you directly with the brand itself, forming part of its day-to-day operations.

On the other hand, affiliate companies promote and market various online betting portals to draw in prospective players. Our responsibilities at WIS include creating content and fostering relationships with partners in the iGaming industry, all the while dealing with different companies, products, and offers.

Jobs at affiliate agencies are not too dissimilar to those offered by iGaming companies; the main difference being their primary focus. Examples include:

  • Affiliate Manager: Our affiliate department is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our partners, as well as managing affiliate networks.
  • Affiliate Coordinator: In this role, you’ll be assisting in the management of affiliate programmes, supporting affiliates, and ensuring compliance with programme terms.
  • SEO Specialist: Working in SEO means you’ll be optimising our content to increase visibility and ranking in search engine results, which is vital for attracting potential users.
  • Content Writer: Our team of both in-house and freelance content writers produces engaging and informative content, ranging from detailed casino reviews to betting guides, helping us to attract and retain audiences.
  • Content Quality Strategist: Our dedicated CQS squad are in charge of executing content strategies to attract and retain users, mainly through the means of SEO-focused articles.
  • Graphic Designer: What’s great text without eye-catching visuals to go along with it? Our design department creates banners, website graphics, and promotional materials that align with our products and brand aesthetics.
  • Web Developer: Last but definitely not least in this list, our web development team takes care of developing and maintaining our products and portals, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

An advantage of working with an affiliate company like ours is that not only will you be offered a broader overview of the industry as a whole; you’ll also have a greater degree of flexibility compared to environments that are more conventional and corporate. At WIS, for example, we nurture and take pride in dynamic and innovative work culture where new ideas and approaches are always welcome!

On top of this, affiliates are usually highly focused on staying ahead of trends and technologies, especially when it comes to an ever-evolving industry such as iGaming. This means that they — including us at WIS — often invest in training and development for their team, keeping your knowledge and skills up to date.

Finally, working with an affiliate company can provide you with the opportunity to learn and master various online marketing tools and strategies, such as SEO, content marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. This results in a versatile skill set that places you in the forefront of digital marketing techniques that are highly in demand across many sectors.

Want To Become a WISard?

Check out our open vacancies and get in touch with us today! We’re always on the lookout for talented and ambitious individuals looking to make their mark in iGaming.

We offer many benefits associated with working with affiliate companies, including a flexible, diverse work environment, numerous opportunities for career growth, and even an educational budget for professional development. Other perks include a hybrid model as well as daily free lunches at the office!

We prioritise work-life balance, ensuring that our employees can thrive both at work and in their personal lives. If you want to be part of a progressive community where your growth is our commitment and your potential can be fully realised, you could be exactly who we are looking for!

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