Motivated and inspired individuals deliver extraordinary results! We are a team of 70 (Q4 2022), from different countries such as Germany, Malta, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, Greece, Estonia, and many more. We believe in diversity and equality in the workplace, where all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity or gender, are treated with respect and given the opportunities needed to succeed.


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Business Intelligence


From content creators, to industry leaders, our team comprises of a wide range of specialities, but what sets us apart is our determination to value creation through customer satisfaction.
Good things in business are not done by one person, they are done by a great team of people. I also love excellent content and products. Exactly the same we want to offer with WIS.

Paul Scheuschner

WIS gave me the opportunity to build two new accounting systems from scratch, allowing me to contribute towards taking the company forward. This was also thanks to the support of the director and a company culture that places trust above all else.

Fernando Mercieca

Chief Finance & People Officer
It’s by far the people that make WIS the perfect work environment. You always find a helping hand. You always find a beautiful brain to inspire you and question and improve your ideas. That’s why I love WIS.

Roman Petrusca

Head of Marketing
As the head of design at WIS, I strive to collaborate with our talented team, empowering them to be their best selves by fostering an environment of trust and respect. At WIS, we have the freedom to explore and innovate, guided by values of transparency, autonomy, and mutual respect.

Roberta Galea

Head of Design
WIS is a diverse workforce with a fun atmosphere, and is filled with passionate people. As an employee I feel valued and challenged to give my best.

Elsa Capello

Talent Acquisition Specialist
As WIS does provide me with a positive culture, this has elevated my enthusiasm, whilst it has encouraged me to thrive for best results. I have never experienced a company who invests and supports the growth of its employees as WIS do.

Neil Zammit

Office Coordinator
Working at WIS has not only given me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and explore new possibilities in relation to my legal career, but also to be able to balance it with my personal life, which is all the more fulfilling.

Jessica Azzopardi

Legal Counsel
WIS provides talents with an opportunity to grow professionally and improve career by working alongside other enthusiasts in a dynamic & professional team.

Ira van Katwijk


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I love the positive and energetic people at WIS, who create an amazing environment to work in! I receive a lot of support from my team and I'm always encouraged to go a step further and learn more things. The company benefits are also a GREAT perk! I'm a person who's always running around from one thing to another, and it's amazing that we get this flexibilty to balance our working and personal lives!

Michela Barbara

Content Coordinator
Versatility of being able to do a variety of tasks, being able to work virtually and having flexibility, having a forward thinking, supportive company that realises employee are their greatest asset.

Stephania Bonello

Finance Operations Manager
love the company culture and the quality benefits we have. I particularly enjoy working in a team and learn a lot by collaborating with other team members and departments.

Marica Schembri

Senior Financial Specialist
As a mum, the flexibility and the way we all communicate with each other, is amazing. The amount of trust and being able to grow within the company, is something I have never experienced in another company before.

Laya vd Weele Umarella

Junior Product Manager
At WIS I feel very welcome because it's a good springboard if you want to reach your goals. It gives us many advantages for personal growth as well which I appreciate a lot.

Tim Tursic

Junior IT Support Specialist
Experienced UX/UI Designer with a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful and functional designs. Inspired by nature and fueled by a love for cats, I strive to bring creativity and innovation to every project I work on

Arkadiusz Mayer-Gawron

Senior UI/UX Designer
The supportive team, exciting challenges, and opportunities for professional development make every day at WIS an enriching experience. Together, we strive to create a positive and impactful work environment where we can all thrive and succeed.

Liubov Taranovska

Junior UI/UX Designer
As an avid sports fan, the flexibility, and commitment to living a healthy lifestyle at the office is a major benefit for me. Additionally, the focus on education, coupled with the amazing company culture makes working at WIS is truly a pleasure!

Jeremy Sant Fournier

Junior Sports Content Writer
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