Our Team

Extraordinary teams deliver extraordinary results! We are at the moment 65 full-time employees (Q1 2022), from different countries such as Germany, Malta, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, Greece, Estonia, and many more. We are international, and everybody is equal. Whether if white, black, yellow, or brown, no matter if male or female.


These are our different departments:

  • Accounting
  • Affiliates
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content
  • Design
  • Development
  • People
  • Product
  • SEO

You can read more about the different departments here.

And here are some of our people introduced:

Paul Scheuschner Director Good things in business are not done by one person, they are done by a great team of people. I also love excellent content and products. Exactly the same we want to offer with WIS. Read more insights about Paul in this article about the company history.
Tarik Ballouz Chief Operating Officer Facing me with new challenges every day to drive the business forward while managing to create open spaces which leave room for self as well as business improvement. Big things are about to happen! Read Tarik`s story at WIS here.
Magdalena Paskaleva Acquisitions Associate Working with great people within an exciting, dynamic industry. Read an interview with Magdalena here.
Evelyn Anderson Head of People To me, WIS has a rewarding working environment where your input makes a difference.
Oksana Xerri Head of Sales & Affiliates Fun. Flexibility. Appreciation. Opportunity to learn and grow. Read an interview with Oksana here.
Katrin Petersen Regional Sales Team Lead I feel trusted, which had allowed me to grow fast.
Matthew Spiteri Team Lead Sports Products I felt respected and valued while enjoying to be within a team of professionals.
Spiros Stampoulis Senior Frontend Developer Working within a supportive team, who are always willing to help when its needed. Giving me the freedom to be creative in my work.
Ira v. Katwijk People and Talent Specialist WIS provides Talents with an opportunity to grow professionally and improve career by working alongside other enthusiasts in a dynamic & professional team.
Chanelle Bonnici Casino Lead UI/UX Designer At WIS, employees are valued and placed above everything else. I love working where there is such a positive mindset as it encourages more productivity and creates a better work-life balance. Seeing my ideas bring more value to the company gives me the most satisfaction at work.
Mathias Hitzfitz Finance Product Lead I love the team spirit at WIS, especially as I am surrounded by awesome colleagues with a can-do mentality. The vibe here is very positive, which I like. People are encouraged to collaborate together, for better results, and the company is really helping us to achieve a good life-work balance.
Fernando Mercieca Head of Finance WIS gave me the opportunity to build two new accounting systems from scratch, allowing me to contribute towards taking the company forward. This was also thanks to the support of the director and a company culture that places trust above all else.
Daniel Erber Casino Product Lead When it comes to work, it is important to me that I feel comfortable at work and that things are getting done. To accomplish this, you need a group of driven, creative and genuine people who bring the appropriate attitude and experience to the table, which is exactly what you get at WIS.
Matteo Ebejer Junior Product Manager Your job is so much more than just a paycheck. Many of us spend more time at work than with our families. If you’re not part of a team that respects you, values you, and helps you to grow, then you’ll probably end up unhappy. And thankfully, the WIS family has made me very happy.
Elsa Capello Talent Acquisition Specialist WIS is a diverse workforce with a fun atmosphere, and is filled with passionate people. As an employee I feel valued and challenged to give my best.
Stephania Bonello Finance Team Lead Versatility of being able to do a variety of tasks, being able to work virtually and having flexibility, having a forward thinking, supportive company that realises employees are their greatest asset.
Arushi Tyagi Employer Branding/ TA Specialist At WIS I feel valued and trusted. The best part about this company is the culture and its diverse people. WIS is the best place to be in if someone wants to grow their career as well as enjoy a perfect work-life balance!
Laya vd Weele Umarella Junior Product Manager As a mum, the flexibility and the way we all communicate with each other, is amazing. The amount of trust and being able to grow within the company, is something I have never experienced in another company before.
Guillaume Pons UI/UX Designer It’s a creative environment where ideas can develop into groundbreaking concepts ...and coffee is good!