Poker for a Good Paws: WIS Attends the IFR Poker Cup! 

Posted on 29/02/2024
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Here at WIS, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the community that surrounds us – and what better way of doing so than by indulging in one of our favourite pastimes: poker?

That’s why we were both proud and excited for our very CSR initiative of the year: the IFR Poker Cup on the 24th of February!

Hosted by For A Cause Events and taking place at the prestigious Portomaso Casino in St. Julian’s, this poker tournament was organised in support of a worthy cause indeed. In fact, a portion of the proceeds were directed to the MSPCA (Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals).

Who Took Part?

Our team of WISards included: 

  • Vassilis (Sports Product Manager) 
  • Tim (IT Support Specialist) 
  • Leo (BI Project Manager) 
  • Philippe (Website Coordinator) 

Although luck was not in the cards for everyone this time (pun intended), the vibrant atmosphere more than made up for our losses. A wonderful time was had by all, with all involved enjoying the opportunity to network within the industry and foster connections with like-minded professionals.  

And, of course, knowing that we helped to support our furry (and not-so-furry) friends counts as a win in our eyes! 

Here’s what our WISards had to say: 


"It was a really cool experience! I enjoyed meeting people from other companies in the industry, and the atmosphere was perfect for both new and experienced players: sort of like swimming in a tank with whales, sharks, and minnows. There was plenty of laughter that made newbies feel more at ease, while veterans could share and practise their strategies and experiences. Everyone was very helpful to each other – in fact, I had a guy next to me explain the game to two others on my table.

As for my game, I had my ups and downs. I had pocket 9s under the gun - I limped, someone raised, and three others were getting in as well, so I called and checked in the dark because I was the first to make a decision. Then, a 9, the highest card, landed in the flop, after which an opponent went all-in. In the hopes that someone else would raise or go all in as well, I did the same. The table held its breath, but no additional calls came through.

The other player then revealed pocket queens, pitting her overpair against my three 9s. The game reached its peak as the river card was revealed - a Queen, delivering quite the twist. However, my initial bet sizing made sure that even with this turn of events, my entire stack was not at risk.

I managed to come back from that by tripling up against an opponent's A2 with my A9. This actually helped me secure the pot!

Overall, I had a really good time, and would definitely go again next year."


“This was the first time I had ever taken part in a live tournament, so I had an incredible time! The atmosphere and the venue itself felt straight out of a movie.

I really enjoyed meeting professionals from different companies in the industry – it was the perfect opportunity to network and make new connections. Apart from the open bar, there was also a PlayStation and table football, meaning there was plenty of entertainment to go around.

I'm really glad I went and feel great knowing that I helped contribute to such a worthy cause.”


“I had a blast at the IFR Malta tournament this year! It was a great chance to test my skills against fellow iGaming professionals. There were 60 players spread across six tables, and after winning at my table, I even got to play with some of the top players in the tournament, including going all-in with the eventual winner of the night!

Representing WIS alongside three other colleagues was an awesome experience. Even though we didn't take home the top prize, we learned a lot, and are already looking forward to going back even better prepared next year!”

When it comes to supporting our community, WIS is always willing to go all in! 

The IFR Poker Cup wasn't just an exciting event for our industry; it was a reflection of our values at WIS in action, and a chance to blend passion with purpose. We're not just recounting chips or hands lost and won; each play contributed to a larger victory: supporting the MSPCA and the invaluable work they do for animals. A heartfelt thank you to Vassilis, Leo, Tim, and Philippe for taking part, and to For A Cause Events for organising such a great tournament – we hope to see our WISards back at the table next year!

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