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As WIS continues to grow, our branding and corporate identity also grow stronger! Our offices now include WIS company merchandise and even more fun and functional elements that add quite a bit of buzz to our daily working lives.

The WIS team got together to celebrate Halloween, as our offices got the cool and spooky treatment! From chocolate candies to scary decor, we loved it all!

As a growing company, WIS offers team members the opportunity to pursue career growth. Read all about our employees’ inspiring career growth stories here.

WIS has acquired, a 4 years old site, to become the company`s betting flagship product in the regulated UK market. The purchase consideration of 780.000 EUR, was fully settled in cash, using company’s funds. The site generates currently 200-300 NDCs per month.

At WIS we consider it part of our corporate social responsibility to help people in difficult times. This Christmas we donated €2,000 to Children's Dreams.


Do you need experience to apply for a job in iGaming? Not always. At WIS, iGaming experience is not our main criterion when hiring, and this is why.

At Wis, our director Paul recently had a cool idea for our Friday educational sessions - watching docu-drama The Game Changers.

We give great priority to our hiring process at WIS.  After all, gathering the right team is very important for a successful company! This is why our amazing Human Resources department leaves no stone unturned to find the right candidates.

WIS is taking on the greener challenge. In a highly competitive industry, companies do not just need to be awesome places to work for, they also need to have a certain awareness about what’s going on around them. These are our goals with it: • Reducing our impact on the …

A day in the life of Tim, our Sports Content Writer at WIS.