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WIS is taking on the greener challenge. In a highly competitive industry, companies do not just need to be awesome places to work for, they also need to have a certain awareness about what’s going on around them. These are our goals with it: • Reducing our impact on the …

A day in the life of Tim, our Sports Content Writer at WIS.

Tarik Ballouz WIS Employee Story

An interview with Tarik Ballouz, Chief Operating Officer at WIS, who explains how he started out in 2015 and grew with the company.

We constantly work on improvements both in our work and at our office. Here is a small list of the things which we are finding useful!

At WIS, we took expert advice to choose the lighting system that makes our team more comfortable, happier and yes - more productive, too!

I am Fernando, I am Maltese. I am the Accountant at WIS. It is my job to take care and run the accounting part of the company including debtor collecting, improving our relationship with banks and of course the most important part payroll

Magic needs to be nourished. As we spend a good chunk of our time at the office, it is important to feel comfortable. Feeling comfortable translates almost immediately into food, especially here in the Mediterranean. From personal experience working in online gaming companies over the years, most companies …

Working at WIS offers many educational benefits. We know how important it is for our employees to continue developing their skills. Thus, we make it super convenient for the team to benefit from our company's educational facilities..

Great coffee at the office is not a luxury, it's a necessity. And this is something we believe in at WIS. Because of this, we have two of the best coffee machines and lots of shiny, happy people.

Company = team, respectively, company growth = fulfilled employees. These equations speak for themselves. The reason I decided to outline this is that at WIS, we are doing our best to improve the employee experience of the entire team continuously. It is much more productive to have happy …