Bake Sale in Aid of The Richmond Foundation

At WIS, any excuse is a good excuse to throw a little party, get our people together, and have some fun in between working our affiliate magic.

Yet, while we usually have our lunch orders delivered to us – hey, it’s easy, and it’s good! – this World Baking Day, we decided to try something a little different…

We asked our WISards to try their hand at making the tastiest treats they could muster (the ingredients were on us, of course) in aid of one of our favourite charities: The Richmond Foundation.

They did not let us down.

On May 17th, our Lunchroom was filled with delicious cookies, mouth-watering cakes, scrumptious tiramisu, and delectable brownies.

It was magic! And the WISards who were in the office that day must have agreed, as they collected an impressive €250 between them in just half an hour – a sum matched by our director, Paul.

This resulted in a €500 donation to this great charity, which has offered invaluable support to anyone experiencing mental health problems here in Malta since the 1980s.

It was a proud, delicious, and heart-warming moment for us, and we honestly can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon!

To find out more about the Richmond Foundation, visit their website.

Wis Bake sale

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