Working at WIS: educational benefits

Working at WIS offers many educational benefits. This is because we know how important it is for our employees to continue developing their skills. Thus, we make it super convenient for the team to benefit from our company’s educational facilities. Learning new things makes us happy, and even science is with us on this one! No wonder we are so proud that a career at WIS offers many opportunities for personal growth.

Of course, it is also important that no-one is overwhelmed. And the key lies in achieving the right balance between work and fun. Because of this, at WIS we offer many options for educational benefits. These have all proven to be very popular.

What educational benefits do we offer at WIS?

Free books allowance

One way to learn new skills is by reading, and our free books allowance makes the deal sweeter.

The way it works is simple: we offer all employees an unlimited free books programme.

All they need to do is request a business or work related book and we deliver it straight to their Amazon Kindle account. How’s that for convenience? This means that employees can:

  • Learn at their own pace, no pressure
  • Benefit from the latest knowledge, strategies and techniques
  • Take in this new knowledge however they prefer – whether sitting on their couch at home, or on a bench in the sunshine!

Annual conference budget

Keeping up with the bigger picture in the industry is so important! Yes, we may be based on an island, but no organisation should be an island within itself.  Also, an essential part of our professional development includes access to new contacts and networking. In fact, we need to know what’s happening in our chosen sector! And yes, all WIS employees are offered this opportunity as soon as their probation period is over.

All our employees need to do is give us all the info re transport, accommodation, flights, tickets and conference links. Then, just tell us why this is important and give us an estimated cost, and we take care of all the details. WIS offers up to 3 conferences a year, so our team is up there with the top when it comes to knowing our industries.

Tuesday ‘Ask me anything’ sessions

Ever found yourself not quite sure about the inner workings of the company you’re part of? Or maybe you feel isolated? Or you aren’t sure how you fit in the grander scheme of things? At WIS you are a valued part of the team. Because of this, we want to include you in all that is happening at the office.

How do we turn this into reality? At our Tuesday ‘Ask me anything’ sessions we can all learn from our colleagues. So, are you curious about any other role within the company, or maybe you simply wish to get to know your team-mates a bit better. Does your colleague have some expertise or knowledge that you wish to learn? This could be anything from a software, an office tool or administrative process. It only takes a 15-minute calendar note to make it happen. We keep Tuesdays between 10AM and noon free for this educational initiative. And we love what this has done to our team spirit, too.

Wednesday learning sessions

Of course, it is important to also give employees access to structured course-work. And at WIS we offer many online courses on learning platform Udemy.  You will find a useful topic, no matter which area you’d like to further develop. These range from business to programming, design, WordPress, SEO, IT and software, office applications and more.

We also offer our employees the time to pursue these courses. Every Wednesday between 1pm and 3pm, the office is a hub of learning. Everyone takes part, with no exceptions!

Employees discuss the area of improvement with their department Lead and come to a mutual agreement, and everyone can choose their preferred method of learning, through online courses, articles, workshops…  We also have a library of in-house learning videos. Because we really believe in taking using external educational sources to increase the brainpower of individuals!

What do our employees say?

WIS makes learning a part of everyday office life and we all love it!  Niclas Bongards is one example of the success of this initiative. He is part of the WIS content team and fast  becoming a Google Analytics wiz after he completed a beginners’ course. He is now making progress with the advanced module, too. This is what he says:

“As an online affiliate company we need to be aware of how WIS is doing online. So this made me want to learn more about Google Analytics. Before taking the course, I was not very knowledgeable about it. But the first course really taught me how the interface works. Now I am learning more detail and how to use it for my company’s needs.”



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