Working at WIS: Educational Benefits

Posted on 27/09/2019

Working at WIS offers many educational benefits. This is because we know how important it is for our employees to continue developing their skills and further opportunities for personal growth. What's more, learning new things makes us happy - even science is with us on this one! 

What Educational Benefits Do We Offer at WIS?


Free Book Allowance

One way to learn new skills is by reading, and our free book allowance makes the deal sweeter.

The way it works is simple: we offer all employees an unlimited free books programme .

All they need to do is request a business or work-related book and we deliver it straight to their Amazon Kindle account. How's that for convenience? This means that employees can:

  • Learn at their own pace, without any pressure
  • Benefit from the latest knowledge, strategies and techniques
  • Take in this new knowledge however they prefer - whether sitting on their couch at home, or on a bench in the sunshine!

Annual Conference Budget

Keeping up with the bigger picture in the industry is so important! Yes, we may be based on an island, but no organisation should be an island within itself. Also, an essential part of our professional development includes access to new contacts and networking - after all, we need to know what's happening in our chosen sector! And yes, all WIS employees are offered this opportunity as soon as their probation period is over.

All our employees need to do is give us all the information regarding transport, accommodation, flights, tickets, and conference links. Then, just tell us why this is important to you and give us an estimated cost, and we take care of all the details. WIS offers up to 3 conferences a year, so our team is at the top when it comes to knowing our industries inside out.


Wednesday and Friday Learning Sessions

Of course, it is important to also give employees access to structured course-work. At WIS, we offer many online courses through the online learning platform Udemy where many useful topics can be found, ranging from business to programming, design, WordPress, SEO, IT and software, office applications, and more.

We also offer our employees the time to pursue these courses by holding Wednesday educational sessions between 1pm and 3pm. Everyone takes part, with no exceptions!

We also have an additional, voluntary slot on Fridays between the same hours for those who'd like to spend even more time learning throughout the week.

Employees discuss the area of improvement with their department Head and come to a mutual agreement, and can choose their preferred method of learning, through online courses, articles, and workshops. We also have a library of in-house learning videos.

In addition, after they have passed their probation, employees at WIS are offered a learning budget of up to €1500 per year to use on a course or educational programme suited towards their role.


What Do Our Employees Say?

WIS makes learning a part of everyday office life and we all love it! Below is a quote from one of our content team members after completing a beginner's Google Analytics course before going onto the advanced module:

"As an online affiliate company, we need to be aware of how WIS is doing online. This made me want to learn more about Google Analytics. Before taking the course, I was not very knowledgeable about it; now, however, I have a much clearer understanding of how the interface works, and how to use it within my role."


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