Good office lighting is important too!

WIS offices have neutral 4000K LED lighting for a comfortable environment.

When you are joining a new office, perhaps you think that good office lighting is not a high priority.

But, with today’s post, we will show you why it should be.

And we will do that by explaining how, at WIS, we followed expert advice to choose the lighting system that makes our team more comfortable, happier and yes – more productive, too!

So, we have already ticked the boxes for those 2 other super-important office items – delicious, healthy food and great coffee.

Now, why is it so important what lighting we use at WIS?

Good office lighting is a great idea for many reasons!

And they are mostly related to your health and happiness:

WIS Did you know that bad lighting can cause you to become unhappy and even depressed? And this is especially true during the darker winter months, or in offices where natural light is limited.

WISOn the other hand, good lighting will make you happy!

WISAnd let’s not forget that bad lighting spells bad news for your eyesight too, and can even cause a headache, particularly if you’re sitting in front of a monitor all day.


What light did we choose for WIS?

Good lighting respects our natural body rhythm, so that even if you do not have access to natural light, the indoor system mimics it. So, we listened to the experts and chose 4000K LED panels.

These are popular with good office environments because they produce neutral light. 

Using neutral light comes with many benefits. Such as, it creates a pleasing environment that is bright, but not too bright.

Also, it creates a soft effect that is tolerated by most people.

The aura they create is so agreeable that they are also the favourite choice for schools, showrooms, beauty salons and anywhere you may expect to wish to find happy people.

The light is also called ‘the sunset colour’, because it is similar to the sky just before sunset. And we all love a gorgeous sunset!


So what is this 4000K that we keep mentioning?

Well, we needed to do our research too, and this is what we found.

The warmer the colour, the lower the Kelvin value (that’s the K!). So, fire, for example, comes in at 2000K.

The opposite is also true. Thus, a cloudy winter’s day would come in at about 7000K.  Brrrr.

At the office, using a happy medium makes people feel better. This is the famous ‘neutral colour’! And the 4000K deliver the best results.

The verdict? The amazing people at WIS love the great balance between the natural daylight and the neutral indoors lighting.  There is no artificial glare to make people tired. And the smiles are real 😊🌞😊🌞

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