Great coffee at the office?

Great coffee at the office is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. And this is something we believe in at WIS. Because of this, we have two of the best coffee machines and lots of shiny, happy people.

We love our mornings at WIS. Here, we walk straight in to one of our kitchens, grab a mug and wait for the machine to prepare our coffee of choice. And it’s always just the way we like it. No grumpy faces in the morning!

Excellent coffee with one click


The first machine our employees meet is the WMF 2000s, in our main kitchen. Sleek, swanky and makes any hot drink desired at the touch of one button.

So, if you would like an espresso doppio, two seconds and you have a fresh cup in your hand. And, if your prefer cappuccino, or latte macchiato, or Americano or even a hot chocolate… this coffee machine delivers.

This is why it has 3 grinders: one for normal coffee beans, another for decaf and a third for hot chocolate.

And how about this for excellence?  The WMF 2000s grinds your coffee beans on the spot, which means that even our fussiest coffee drinkers are happy.

Moreover, if you are more of a macchiato or a cappuccino person, the steam wand, froth sensor and almost unlimited steam power make your coffee magic.

World-class coffee

But we really take our coffee seriously at WIS. This is why our second kitchen houses the Riviera & Bar Machine Expreso. It is made for real professional level coffee and would feel right at home in a 5-star hotel lounge.

Indeed, we all know when someone is using it as the smell of amazing coffee spreads all around the office.

Of course, true coffee lovers enjoy making their coffee from scratch. And when the machine is so easy to use as this one, it is such a pleasure.

Above all, our employees get to enjoy their world-class espresso, macchiato or cappuccino whenever they like.


Coffee comes with a smile at WIS


But it’s not just about the coffee! Of course we know all about the importance of healthy food choices too, and we love them.

Because we know that office magic needs to be nourished, we also make sure there are lots of good fruits and other yummy food to put a smile on our faces.


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