Who’s the boss of bowling? One of our team events

This is not an average tête-à-tête. The whole office is invited! Working hard and playing harder. This bunch of bawlers is gonna show em who’s boss. We’re kicking it at the bowling alley! Eden Superbowl is just a few hundred meters from our office, so we decided to go there.

WIS Team Event Bowling

Do you like hobbies?

WISinators love to do some fun activities. Of course, we would like to go bowling more often. But there are so many more things to do. Friday beers, BBQ’s on our terrace. That’s just a small selection of what we do. Luckily for a small point on the world map, Malta has many things to offer, there is always a new exciting place or activity to discover. It’s not only that; each team member has a story behind them. Katrin is a huge horse aficionado and takes care of horses in her free time. Luke is close to being a semi-pro darter. José likes to shake a cocktail or two at the weekends. Paul likes to drive race cars (more about all those team members you can find here).

Also, think of boating, the possibilities are limitless. One plus one still makes two right? Or ask it to one of our developers…

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