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Posted on 02/08/2019

We believe that it`s not just about paying salary to the people. Here in Malta, there are so many companies looking for talent. People can literally work anywhere. One integral part of our company culture is to give praise to people for achievements. Like that, we`ll feel like the work contributes to the goals and we will be also more happy to work with each other.

Here are some of our recognition programs:

- Weekly top performers
- #kudos recognition, with Superman award
- Quarterly bonus system

Weekly top performers

Every Monday, we do a live poll: Everybody has one vote to select the person with the best performance in the last week. The three top performers will get applause in front of the team and their names will be on the board for a week, visible for everybody.

#kudos recognition, with Superman award

We are using the tool for recognitions in between each other in a Slack channel, which is called "#kudos". This is a way to say thank you for something to a colleague. Every 2 weeks (after 1st, 16th in a month) the colleague with the most single recognitions on in the previous 2 weeks, will receive a „Superman" recognition. He/she can use our superman material exclusively for the next 2 weeks (superman figure, base cap, and mug). The person with the most recognitions after a full month can have a posting on our social media channels Facebook and Instagram on top of that (no obligation of course), telling about the achievements.

This is the Slack channel and one statistic page from the backend of

Quarterly bonus system

This is a short explanation of our quarterly bonus system:
- We send customers to gambling operators and financial brands and measure the growth of the total out clicks from our sites to the brands. Let us say we increase the out clicks from 1.000 to 1.200 in a quarter, we have a growth of 20%
- Every quarter, the management will set up a range, which is eligible for a bonus (let us say 8%-17%). The team then will choose together, which growth they find realistic.

2 scenarios:
They find 17% realistic. There will be a high bonus if they reach 17%, but quite low if they reach only 8%
They find 8% realistic. Then there will be a much higher bonus for an 8% growth (compared to the previous compensation), but a much lower bonus for a 17% growth (compared to the previous compensation)
- the maximum bonus is two months of the yearly salary of every operatively active staff, which will go in a common pot
- after a quarter, if a bonus was reached, there will be a meeting with the team, who will get which bonus. People can discuss everybody's performance, that those with great performance will get a higher bonus and those with lower performance a lower bonus. It`s possible, that a person with a salary on the lower end was very noticeable in the last quarter and will get a very high bonus - compared to his salary.

That means, not everybody will get the same bonus - unless everybody decides so. It`s up to the team and the management will just be the "referee" for this discussion, but will not do decisions.

A simplified example. Both people, one with a 20K salary and one with 60K salary per year attend this meeting. They have together 80K, so in a year two monthly salaries to share (which would be 6,6K). If the first person with 20K yearly gross salary made a good job, they might decide that he will get 4.600 € and the second 2.000 € over the year as an additional bonus.
So it`s all about performance. The lazy guys will get less or even nothing and the guys, who bring the result, will get the biggest chunks of the bonus.

Here is a small extract from the documentation, we`re pulling the data directly from Google Analytics:

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