WIS donates €2,000 to Children’s Dreams

Here at WIS we like to take an active part in the Maltese community, and we consider it part of our corporate social responsibility to offer help to those who are in difficult circumstances. And, with Christmas around the corner, we feel this need even more strongly!

This season we wish to help those children whose families are facing financial difficulties, as well as those who are being raised in homes. After some research, we discovered an organisation called Children’s Dreams, which helps to make a lot of children’s dreams come true. By collecting money from kind benefactors, they make sure that children who have been identified by the Foundation for Social Welfare Services receive a gift at this special time of year.

Children’s Dreams is run very efficiently, so we were reassured that presents are only given after a background check is run to ensure that the family is genuinely in financial need, and has no other help forthcoming. Moreover, the organisation never gives out money or shop vouchers, but focuses on making the actual wishes of the children come true, reaching out to them and seeing what they wish they would receive.

In this way, we know that the money is reaching those who need it most – the children themselves! And there is less risk that a gift is taken by someone other than the child, such as a parent. Common requests from children include laptops, or computers, and even clothes.

These are children who do not often have the opportunity to choose something for themselves. Many of the children who are helped by the organisation do not have a family to call their own, but live in one of the various Children’s Homes scattered around Malta. So, making this possible for them is beautiful!

WIS is happy to have presented a cheque of €2,000 to Children’s Dreams, so we can help make this a magical Christmas for the little ones.

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