Customised workstations in the office

If you consider that we sit down every day for many hours at our desks while going about our daily work duties. It is nice to know that there are plenty of customizations available to implement with your workplace, making it as optimal as possible.

WIS takes workplace health serious and offers a variety of options to make employees feel as comfortable as possible. Maybe its noise-canceling headphones you’re after, or a neck massage device? Or something as simple as slippers just to feel more comfortable at work.

A couple of examples are:

  • ergonomic mouse pads with wrist rest
  • different mouses such as a vertical ergonomic wireless mouse or one with an orbit trackball (to prevent a mouse arm)

  • ergonomic keyboard wrist support sets
  • adjustable laptop and monitor stands
  • additional monitors (you can also have a special monitor, reducing glare and eye strain)
  • mobile phone holder

  • noise-canceling headphones
  • standing desks (interesting fact: 25% of our staff uses a standing desk)

  • orthopedic back cushions

  • orthopedic seat cushion for relief of the coccyx and back pain ergonomic
  • gymnastic ball (to sit on)

  • anti-fatigue mat (for the feet)
  • posture trainer
  • neck massage device
  • slippers

What else we have?

  • hard-wired internet on every desk (besides WLAN)

On this picture, you see Guillaume as one of our UI Designers (more about him here) using a standing desk, adjustable laptop stand, special glare-reducing monitor, noise-cancelling headphones and a mobile phone holder.

If you’re a new starter at WIS, there is a couple of questions we`ll ask you

  • Do you prefer a Laptop or a Macbook?
  • Do you prefer sitting down or do you also like to work upright?
  • Would you like one monitor, or would you work better with two monitors?


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