Decoding iGaming Careers: Working for an iGaming Operator vs an iGaming Affiliate

Posted on 24/01/2023

While the roles within an iGaming casino operator and an iGaming affiliate marketing company may seem similar at a glance, they do hold some key differences.  

Employment with an iGaming casino operator places you directly with the casino itself, with roles including:  

  • Customer service representatives 
  • Game developers 
  • Marketing specialists 
  • Financial analysts 
  • Compliance officers 

This professional landscape offers a career avenue to those drawn to working directly within the iGaming sector and being a part of the operation of the casino itself. While this can be an exciting path, it also comes with direct legal obligations compared to positions in affiliate companies.

Given that casinos handle customers’ money, responsibilities include securing game mechanics and casino algorithms, ensuring games are not designed to attract minors, as well as verifying players' ages to combat underage gambling. 

On the other hand, iGaming affiliate companies (like here at WIS) focus on the promotion and marketing of several online casinos to attract potential players. Their roles encompass tasks such as content creation and nurturing relationships with casino partners. There are also positions that mirror those found at online casino operators

A few example of roles may include:

  • Web designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Web developers
  • SEO specialists 
  • Content writers  

iGaming affiliates can offer a better view of the industry because they deal with different companies, products, and offers. Affiliates write about brand comparisons, strengths, weaknesses, and other topics that provide value to players. As a marketing company, campaigns and content are targeted towards acquisition, whereas casinos focus on both acquisition and retention.

Affiliates are typically paid a percentage of the revenue generated by the players they refer to a casino, which is why roles based on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and content writing are especially significant. Equally vital are web designers and developers, responsible for taking care of the company’s web portals. 

Overall, venturing into the realm of online casinos and affiliates offers gratifying prospects for those interested in the iGaming industry. Your choice ultimately hinges on your personal interests and aspirations!  

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