Top 10 beginner tips on how to get that iGaming dream job without experience.

Posted on 01/02/2023

Thinking of stepping into the world of iGaming?
Top 10 beginner tips on how to get that iGaming dream job without experience. 

  1. Find a company that focuses on education.
    Find a company that puts a lot of focus on education, so you have opportunities to grow and explore career options. 
  2. Find junior positions.
    Check how many junior roles the company has vacant. It is more likely to get hired by those companies.
  3. Customer Support is a great starting point.
    Start in entry roles like Customer Support and be noticeable to your manager, this should give you the chance to get promoted into other roles. Usually, those CS roles (or at least many) don`t require any previous iGaming experience.
  4. Already had a Customer Support position before?
    You could apply for a content or product role easily. You can argue in your CV, that you understand the player mentality and have the knowledge to do this new job well. That would be your strongest point (That would be a good sign, as you need to understand the player in many iGaming roles). 
  5. Mention the importance that you are eager to learn in your CV.
    If you don`t have experience, stress out in your CV that you are eager to learn and is motivated. 
  6. Mention why you are a promising candidate.
    You could also argue that you worked night shifts and bring the commitment, dedication, and work ethic to do another job well and to be a good employee.
  7. Internship.
    If you still do not get accepted, look for closely related internships, and then try again after, stressing out that you have learned a lot and would like to bring your knowledge to the company. 
  8. Apply specifically for generic roles in iGaming companies.
    Start applying for iGaming company’s generic roles, if you are an accountant or HR (those roles typically don`t require previous iGaming experience)
  9. Take on Office Management.
    If everything fails, you can also start off as an office manager to get a foot in the door. This job will provide you a lot of opportunities to stand out and overperform.
  10. Believe in yourself!
    If the 9 tips did not work, do not give up and try again. It is just not the right time, has not found the right company or it was just the wrong timing. What made someone successful is because they tried again.
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