The daily plan / tasks of an iGaming Product Manager at WIS

Posted on 16/09/2019

Denis is working as a Sports / Sportsbook Product Manager with us. We asked him to describe a typical day. 

09:00 Another beautiful day at work. My coffee is prepared, and I start checking my emails.
09:30 Still not done as I received some tickets back from the Design department. The new ranking table looks fresh, but as usual, I have some further requirements and ideas - hope they won’t shoot me ?
10:00 I gave my feedback on the task and finished reading the remaining emails. This new section will surely increase our metrics! Proud to be so productive in the early morning!
10:05 It’s time to check last day’s results since the evaluation of our performance is the main key to success. On some URLs, there is a slight improvement - good job, team! But wait, where is the huge increase of pageviews coming from on this certain URL? Time to wear my Columbo suit and keep saying “Just one more thing”.
10:30 After reviewing the URL and using multiple tools, I determined the reason for the success. The above the fold optimization from last week worked out! Let’s use these learnings and optimise other URLs as well – hooray!
11:00 Finally completed the task for a freelancer – with this huge number of URLs it’s good to have some helping hands. If you face any issues, just let me know guys ? Oooops, almost missed the meeting with the content manager, hurry hurry!
11:30 Meeting is over, we discussed some new workflows between PM and content department. Short, but productive – that’s the way I like it! Also, there is a promising content writer applicant and I was asked to evaluate the quality of the provided test article – let’s do it straight away since lunch should arrive soon.
12:00 Lunchtime! Delicious vegan burger FYI ?
12:30 Half-day almost gone, and I didn’t notice it – I assume that’s called happiness in your job if you don’t have to check the clock! Let’s see what happened else.
13:00 In the last 30 minutes I’ve checked all my open tasks – quite a lot on my to-do list. Let’s start with some further feedback for the Design team and discuss the doability with the developers.
14:30 Puh, this was a heavy one… Need to do some adjustment on the ticket description and a further competitor’s analysis – how did they manage to rank higher than us with this keyword?
15:00 Time to check some provided articles by our in-house writer and give him detailed feedback – perfect time for a refreshing coffee!
15:20 Having short catchup with the writer – it’s all about brainstorming! He has got some valid points and combined with my feedback, we’ll produce the best article on this topic out there!
16:00 While navigating through our site, I notice some space for optimization. Let’s speak to the designers and developers in order to clarify how to further improve these sections.
16:30 Back to my seat, a lot of messages popped up from other colleagues. The Affiliate team needs some clarification about a certain operator, our content integrator faces some issues on a new component and HR is asking to review another application.
17:00 Not much time left, so let’s finish all planned tasks for today. Self-organisation, prioritization and discipline – without these attitudes, I’d be already lost!
17:30 It’s about time to leave, tomorrow is another day! On the way home, I keep thinking about further ideas to improve our websites. As a PM you never stop optimising and pushing yourself

Editor's note: This is an individual approach and must not be the same for you. Our Product Managers are flexible to decide how they organize themselves in order to achieve their goals.

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