How To Make the Most Out of ICE London

Posted on 02/02/2023

Are you gearing up for ICE London this year? Don't miss out on the chance to supercharge your experience! Discover key strategies to ensure you make the most of this exciting event and extract maximum value from it. Read on!

When planning your schedule, the main question to ask yourself is: What do you wish to accomplish during your visit? Delve into the array of interesting sessions — you will want to plan your attendance in advance. Don't forget to explore networking opportunities such as social gatherings that align with your goals or pique your interest. 

One of the greatest advantages of attending ICE London is the opportunity to establish connections with other professionals in the iGaming industry. If you're keen on building your network, there are several strategies you can employ to maximize your networking potential. To start, getting your hands on the attendee list ahead of time can help in the planning process. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible — do not hesitate to strike up conversations with strangers over there too.  

Exchange business cards with everyone you meet, this way you'll have their contact information handy for subsequent communication. Once it's over, follow up with an email or LinkedIn message thanking them for their time and mentioning something specific that you talked about (this will help them remember who you are!). A simple follow-up can go a long way in developing a professional relationship. 

We also suggest taking some time to evaluate your experience in order to help you determine what worked well and what you could improve upon for future events. If there are specific topics or skills that you want to learn more about, such as a new iGaming trend, product, or operator, look for relevant resources like blog posts. Additionally, try to implement what you have learned in your day-to-day work life. 

To recap on how to maximise your opportunities at ICE London: 

  • Plan ahead on what you wish to do and achieve.
    • Obtain the attendee list and set up any meetings with potential partners.
    • In person, exchange as many business cards as you possibly can.
    • Attend networking events like evening drinks and parties.
    • Follow up after the conference on any potential leads.
    • Evaluate the experience and see how you could improve for your next conference.
    • If you learned something new from the conference, adapt it to your business or workflow. 

With a little effort, your conference visit can be a valuable investment that continues to pay off long after the event is over. 

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