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Posted on 24/09/2019

Company = team, respectively, company growth = fulfilled employees. These equations speak for themselves. The reason I decided to outline this is that at WIS, we are doing our best to improve the employee experience of the entire team continuously. It is much more productive to have happy colleagues who are looking forward to the next day at work. Many of us even stay tuned with the COR communication channels, out of a free will, during vacation.
Here is our employee's feedback received from a recent internal poll we did regarding the work experience at WIS.

It is essential that the team members feel they are in the right place, at the right time. We score a significant 8.6 out of 10, which indicates that close to 90% of the employees are happy to be part of WIS. The next question and mainly the answers to it are another proof of that.

Looking in the future, from this graph we can assume that these people are not merely working for another company, waiting for the time to go home. They are here to stay for the long run and develop a career.

Everyone's opinion is valued, acknowledged and when relevant, considered in a decision making prosses.
We encourage the team to share ideas. With each other, between departments and management freely. We even have created additional channels in Slack (one of our favourite channels for internal communication) like #ideas and #always-be-learning.

As mentioned above, we enjoy communicating and discussing with each other. No matter if it’s just a casual chat between colleagues or discussion regarding a key to the company decision, which needs a managerial input. Everyone is welcome to voice their opinion with no fear of negative consequences. We are open to hearing out different perspectives, on any subject, which is what makes WIS an agile employer.

Surely, above all, as an employee, it is vital to have a good relationship with your Manager. At WIS this refers not only to the General Management, like CEO and COO. We also have Department Leads, managing the team, they are the direct Managers.

One of the factors when choosing Team Leaders is the person’s human skills. We are trying to ensure not only to hire/promote a great professionals with substantial knowledge. Also, the personality has to be fit for a true leader, whom we can trust to take care of the workflow, yet of our valued Team Members!

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