WIS acquires betting tips portal KickForm

WIS has acquired kickform.de and kickform.com respectively, to enhance the quality of their products offerings range both on the German and English markets. 

‘Kickform.de is one of the best-known football and betting statistic portals in the German market. This is something, we were currently missing on our portfolio.’ – Paul Scheuschner, Director of WIS

It was the quality of the product that spiked our interest to consider this acquisition. Kickform offers a football formula for the prognosis of football matches, prediction scores for various outcomes and also a value bet finder.  It`s a helpful source to double-check your bets.

Having found the right fit we’ve decided to merge the product with one of our own portals, and moved Kickform.de to https://www.sportwettenvergleich.net/kickform/.

The same will be done with Kickform.com and https://www.thepunterspage.com/, so the new URL will be http://www.thepunterspage.com/kickform/ shortly here.

With the new acquisition, we now offer greater value to our audience.

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